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  • What’s the best way to crack an egg? Physics has the answer.

    Swiftly, and smack in the middle Learning to crack an egg is a culinary rite of passage. Do it correctly, and the shell swiftly breaks, spilling the liquid contents out in one fell swoop. Do it wrong, and you end up with yolk on your hands and shell in your bowl. Luckily, science has hatched […] More

  • Why we love (and fear) mummies

    Somewhere in Iraq, the tomb raider Nick Morton (a never-ageing Tom Cruise) flies over the desert. This is where Egyptian queen Ahmanet lies in her tomb for eternity. Or so we thought. The plot of Alex Kurtzman’s latest Hollywood blockbuster, The Mummy, which cost US$125 million to make and was released on June 14, brings […] More

  • ‘I wanna be white!’ Can we change race?


    Few academics expect to find their work hotly debated in the New York Times. Those who publish in feminist philosophy journals can reasonably expect a certain degree of obscurity. How then did philosophy professor Rebecca Tuvel’s article, “In Defense of Transracialism,” become the target of an angry petition, vociferous debate and international media commentary? Published […] More

  • Wonder Woman: feminist icon or symbol of oppression?

    It’s been a busy – and controversial – year for Wonder Woman. In October 2016, the United Nations made a curious appointment: Wonder Woman would be the global organisation’s new Ambassador for Women’s Empowerment, aligned with the launch of a new campaign to fuel Sustainable Development Goal number five, which aims to achieve gender equality […] More

  • Why Don’t Plants Get Sunburn?

    The one fact about plants that most people probably remember from school is that they use sunlight to make their own food. That process, photosynthesis, means that plants are dependent on sunlight. But as anyone who’s forgotten to put suncream on during their day at the beach knows, the sun can also be damaging. So […] More

  • Why Isn’t Our Hair Naturally Blue?

    Human hair comes in a variety of colors; including brown, blonde, and black. Why doesn’t it grow blue or green? Which came first: color, or the ability to see them? Eyes evolved on Earth around 600 million years ago. Before that, things may have been a bit less colorful. Different colors in animals come from a […] More

  • The First Thing You Should Do When You Wake Up

    Mornings are rough, but Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy says they can be better if you stay mindful of one behavior. Before you even put one foot on the floor, stretch your body as wide as possible.  Cuddy is the author of “Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges,“a book on the subtle yet […] More

  • Confirmed: The Human Eye Emits Light (Biophotons)

    “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” ~ Matthew (ch. VI, v. 22) By Sayer Ji – Look deeply into the human eye, and you are bound to get lost in its abysmal beauty. Much like mirrors facing one another […] More

  • Private company gets government approval to fly to the moon

    An artistic rendering of the MX-1 lander on the surface of the Moon. (Moon Express) A Cape Canaveral, Florida-based company has won U.S. government approval to send a robotic lander to the moon on a two-week mission in 2017, company representatives announced on Wednesday. It’s time to meet the new boys on the block, an […] More

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