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  • Are we limited to parallel universes?

    Scientist May Have Had First Ever Glimpse of a Parallel Universe. The theory of parallel universes is not a new concept — the term multiverse has been used as early as 1895.  But what exactly is a parallel universe? The theory of parallel universes states that many universes exist parallel to each other within a […] More

  • Can We Mathematically Prove Aliens Exist?

    What is our probability of finding aliens and how close are we to encountering them?? The answer lies somewhere in these 2 equations.   When searching for extraterrestrial life, you want your radio antennae and space probes, naturally. Maybe some eager young scientists. But mostly, what you want is math. In this special edition of […] More

  • Could Life On Earth Have Come From A Comet?

    What if alien DNA led to human existence? This amino acid recently found in comets gives us insight on our potential alien-relatives. If you saw the 2012 sci-fi film “Prometheus” … you have our sympathies. That movie — a kinda-sorta prequel to the “Alien” franchise from director Ridley Scott — is truly impenetrable. On the […] More