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    Black holes are even stranger than you can imagine

    Alister Graham, Swinburne University of Technology  – Our love of black holes continues to grow as our knowledge of these celestial bodies expands. The latest news is the discovery of a rare “middleweight” black hole, a relative newcomer to the black hole family. We already knew that some black holes are just a few times […]

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    A Rapidly Spinning Black Hole Was Seen Killing a Distant Star

    Supermassive black holes are known to occupy the cores of the vast majority of galaxies, eating any material — dust, gas, stars, planets, aliens — their host galaxies can provide. But they rarely eat quietly. As graphically demonstrated in a galaxy some 4 billion light-years away, an unfortunate star strayed too close to the rapidly-spinning […]

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    Astronomers spot signs of weird quantum distortion in space

    A simple observation of an extremely dim star may point to, literally, the biggest manifestation of weird quantum phenomena yet. Light from a lonely neutron star 400 light-years away is polarized, just like light reflecting off a pond, a team of astronomers reports. This suggests that, as predicted, the neutron star’s ultraintense magnetic field is […]