Incredible images of the end of the world

We have all seen one too many apocalyptic movies where we’ve seen the world ending in many different scenarios. Many people imagine how it would be if the world actually ended like any of those Hollywood-made situations.


Visual artist Steve McGhee did more than that – he actually created spectacular images of how that would happen by Photoshopping pictures of famous cities and monuments.


Steve says he is inspired by everyday disasters, “I guess it’s too many disaster movies. That and the fact that I’m fascinated by things we, as human beings, have little or no control over. Disasters happen every day, all around the world. We just hear about the more fantastical ones the media focuses on. Every day someone, somewhere, is involved in a life-altering disaster. It doesn’t have to be a 300-foot wave crashing into a skyscraper,” he tells Daily Mail.


Steve has an incredible imagination. To create his apocalyptic images, he imagines the most terrible scenarios happening in places most people are familiar with, like New York, Sydney, or Rio de Janeiro.


“My work is in no way intended to glorify or condone acts of terrorism or celebrate the loss of millions of souls who have perished in past events. Rather it is a commentary on the frailty of human existence and made to honor the loved ones left behind to deal with their unbearable loss,” he says.

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