It’s Official, Ladies Not Shaving Their Armpits Is Becoming A Trend

w704-body-hairIt doesn’t take much for trends to start in 2015, a few clever photos on Instagram and you’re looking at a viral sensation. Well women all over the world have started a new campaign to give razors a rest in a show of feminism. After years and years of aggressive and expensive beauty regimes, ladies are keeping their armpit hair in a huge step forward for women everywhere.

Hollywood mega-babe Julia Roberts was widely laughed at for sporting a forest of armpit hair at the premier of Notting Hill, but nowadays it’s a different ball game.

Times have changed and it’s acceptable for women to ditch all the products and enjoy their body hair.

1. We live in a world where festival culture and wannabe hippies run rampant on our social media feeds

2. Hollywood starlet Shailene Woodley proudly admits to sunbathing her vagina and washing her hair once a month

3. On dozens of blogs, women rave about menstrual cups instead of discrete tampons

4. In short, real femininity is finally being celebrated (cheers Miley)

5. Not the pristine 1950s kind either. Instead, we’re celebrating a woman with ALL her hair intact

6. Whether the pit belongs to Miley Cyrus (who famously dyed hers pink) or “Girls” star Jemima Kirke, the female body is on display in a new kind of way

7. It’s a beautiful day to grow out what you’ve got…

8. Especially if it’s in the name of feminism

9. Women just want equality

10. And to give their razors an extended vacation

Like it or loathe it, female armpit hair is back with a bang. Whether you are a celebrity, a feminist or just a woman who is tired of shaving, it’s apparently time to ditch the products and get back to nature. Men can do it, so why can’t women? Embrace it ladies, cause it’s happening all around you. I’m much more in favour of this trend than the one where kids try to make their lips bigger. Utter madness if you ask me. Are you a fan of ladies growing out their underarm hair? Let us know what you think.


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