Talking To Yourself Actually Means You’re A Genius

If you can’t talk to yourself, who can you talk to?  As it turns out, science has found that people who talk to themselves aren’t crazy, they’re actually geniuses.  

So go ahead and let yourself know that you’re awesome!  

But before you do that, find out why below!

1. When you talk to yourself while doing a task, it actually improves your performance.
2. It helps you keep focused on the task at hand and even improves your understanding of it.
3. It also improves brain functions to help you solve a problem or situation quicker.
4. A study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that people who talk to themselves while searching for a lost object find it faster.
5. Talking to yourself stimulates more sensory channels in your brain.
6. Which means that when you’re reminiscing, you are able to remember things better and engage your emotions.
7. Talking to yourself helps you materialize your thoughts and get a better grasp of them.
8. Which helps you organize your thoughts, so you don’t trip up as often.
9. Practice makes perfect, and when you talk to yourself, you’re actually improving your speech. Just like how a baby tries to repeat what it hears.
10. It also helps you with public speaking. That’s why you have to practice your presentation before actually presenting it in front of everyone.
11. You can be your best motivator! If you use third person talking to yourself, researchers say, then you are able to adopt a broader perspective and you actually believe yourself.
12. So when you say, “You can do it!” to yourself, you actually kind of believe it.
13. When you give yourself a pep talk and compliment yourself, you actually build confidence.
14. That’s why doctors encourage people suffering from depression to tell themselves inspirational things out loud in the mirror everyday.
15. So go tell yourself everything you’ve been thinking and get your life in order!

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