This What Happens When You Eat Two Bananas Every Day

Americans don’t eat the best diet. As a result, we see instances of heart disease, cancer, nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, and other disorders on the rise. It can be hard to eat healthy all the time, but there’s one food you simply must eat every day:


Bananas are even healthier than apples and pears, having twice as many carbohydrates, three times the amount of phosphorus, four times as much protein, and five times as much vitamin A and Iron.

Bananas are useful in treating numerous ailments as well.

They’re known to help or completely heal ulcers, anemia, high blood pressure, heartburn, depression, constipation, and in some cases, anxiety.

They can also relieve the symptoms of PMS, hangovers, and can sharpen your mind.

If you feel like you’re not in the best health and you need to start eating better, the humble banana is the right place to start.

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