Weird Pooping Habits People Actually Admit To

Bathroom habits are formed early in life, often during preschool. It is very rare that you ever see another person pooping, so how do you know if your habits are strange?


Taking all of your clothes off to poop

Some people are in the habit of completely stripping down before a #2. I guess everyone has their own warmup routines, but this just doesn’t seem entirely necessary.


Not washing your hands

Even though we are taught to wash our hands after using the bathroom, it isn’t as common as you would think. Some people skip hand washing at home after they pee. Others skip it regardless of location. Think twice next time you shake someone’s hand….

Looking at your poop before you flush

Even though they might not admit it, most people look at their poop before flushing. Do you check out your masterpiece before flushing it away forever?


Peeing in the shower

Often frowned upon in public but frequently done in private. Most people pee in the shower sometimes and some admit to being frequent shower pee-ers.


Texting on the toilet

The advent of the smartphone has made time spent on the toilet much more enjoyable. You can text, answer emails, catch up on the news, and even Tinder from the comforts of your Porcelain Throne.

Snapchatting on the toilet

Because why wouldn’t you want to send all of your friends a selfie of you on the toilet for 10 seconds? Poop humor for the win.

Making a phone call on the toilet

Believe it or not, most people will talk on the phone while doing their business. If you have good manners you will hang up before you flush. Might want to double check where your friend is calling from next time….


Taking your pants off to poop

You must pull your pants down to some degree to go to the bathroom. But taking them off entirely seems a bit extravagant.

Taking just your shirt off to poop

There is a small minority of people that cannot poop with their shirt on. To each his own.

Sititing or standing to wipe

The great wiping debate. Sit, stand, front to back? The majority of people sit to wipe but there is a significant minority of standers among us. And always remember it is much more hygienic to wipe front to back!


CPABH – “Can’t Poop Anywhere But Home”

Some people suffer from CPABH – “Can’t Poop Anywhere But Home.” Whether it is a fear of public bathrooms or a discomfort using others toilets, these people will only be dropping a deuce in the comforts of their own home.

Skipping the air freshener

Surprisingly, most people skip any air fresheners at home after a #2. No need for the candle, match, or Febreze. Au natural.

Spelling words with your urine stream

Some men make peeing a game by aiming their urine stream at something specific. Other variations of the game include spelling or writing words with your urine stream.


Sitting on public toilets

Public toilets can be a terrifying place. Some people fully commit and sit right down on the seat. Others are more timid and opt for the hover or squat. In women’s bathrooms, this often results in pee splatters on the toilet seat. Which leads to the third option: a toilet paper seat. This option uses toilet paper to create a makeshift barrier between your legs and the seat. While it can be effective, it often just results in wiping up someone else’s pee.

Running the sink

Sometimes you just don’t want people to hear you doing your business. The solution is to run the sink or the shower to cover any sounds you may be making. Not a bad plan.


Talking at the urinal

Men are divided pretty evenly on the hot button issue of mingling at the urinal. About half say it’s okay if it is talking with a friend. The other half consider it a cardinal sin. Don’t take your chances.

Folding or wadding toilet paper

The toilet paper is a crucial element of the bathroom. Are you a folder or a wadder?

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